Thursday, December 29, 2011

Julep Fast Dry Top Coat

I Am In Love!!! I finally found the best top coat ever! I would not recommend something that I wouldn't use myself. Since I do a lot of nail art & designs on my nails, I have been searching high & low for a top coat that would not smear my designs. I have used many brands & have even waited hours for my designs to be completely dry. I couldn't find one that wouldn't smear my designs if even just a little. Some of my designs I spend a lot of time on & I get frustrated when I put a top coat on & it smears. Then I received the Julep Fast Dry Top coat in the mail after becoming a Julep Maven & Taaadaa! It's a miracle!

I painted some quick designs on all of my nails. Please don't judge my designs as I just did them very quickly just to test the Julep top coat to see if it would smear.

The thumb & pinky designs were painted with acrylic paint. The other nails were painted with nail polish. I did this to make sure I covered my basis. This picture is pre-topcoat.

Taadaa! The Julep Maven Fast Top Coat DIDN'T smear any of my designs! I painted the top coat shortly after I painted the 3 design with nail polish. I'm so so excited about this. This topcoat is my go-to topcoat for sure. It is awesome. I would definitely recommend this to everybody!

Once again please don't laugh at my designs. I just tried to come up with quick designs to test this amazing topcoat. If you are not a Julep Maven, I would join for the introductory fee of $5 just for this topcoat. I believe you can still join for $5 using the code FB or intro5 at check out. If you decide to cancel after one month you may or you can continue to receive $40-$60 worth of polishes every month for 19.99. Here is the link.

Sincerely From the Heart,

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