Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hits Apolo

I received a gorgeous holographic nail polish for my Birthday from an amazing beautiful person. Thanks so much Suiling for such a gorgeous polish. It's Apolo from Hits & I'm in love with it. I really don't need to say much just look at the pics. Hopefully my camera does it justice.

Here you can see the gorgeous greens & golds. Awesome!

Gorgeous or what?!!

Can see the reds in it. Amazing!

You can see the rainbow! It really is beautiful!!! Love it.

Thanks again Suiling. Please check out her blog Lovely Little Things.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué's

I was sent some Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué's to try. I had not tried the true nail polish appliqués before this. I had only tried the nail stickers so I was unsure what to expect.
Each Incoco nail strip includes base, nail color & top coat all in one! So you get 3 in 1 when using these appliqués. They last up to 14 days depending on your lifestyle. Since they are made of nail polish you need to use polish remover when removing them from your nail.

This is what comes in the package of Incoco nail appliqués. (both above & below) the nail polish strips- above
Directions, file, cuticle pusher & polish remover pad- below

Since I hadn't used true nail polish strips before I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was to apply especially after the first one. I made sure to clean my nails really well & buff them because I wanted my manicure to last as long as possible. I was shooting for the 14 days that it claims to do.

I applied the gorgeous ones called Dream World. They are a gold glitter ombre design. As soon as I applied 1 I knew I was HOOKED! I LOVE THESE!! They feel amazing on. The glitter was smooth but looks amazing!

They were easy to apply. Because they are real nail polish they stretch which aides in applying them & making sure all areas of the nail is covered.

Hopefully you can tell in the picture that they have this awesome pinkish gold @the top & radiant down to a more pure gold color. They are so pretty. I'm really impressed with these nail strips. But the test is...
Do they last 14 days as they say they will?

I usually change my nail color at least every other day. So to keep these on for 14 days was going to be not only a challenge for the Incoco nail appliqués but for me!
I wore them 10 days & had to change my nail color! I was totally impressed that the Inococo nail strips beat me! They could have gone another 4 days!

I'm very impressed with Incoco Nail Appliqués and would definitely recommend them especially if you are in a hurry & don't have time for 2-3 coats of polish to dry! Like I said earlier, they out did me. 10 days was the max I could keep the same mani but I'm sure Inococo nail strips could have gone the 14 days they claim.

So in my honest opinion I really do think these are amazing & would definitely recommend them. They come in a variety of styles & designs. Please check out their website & try some for yourself. Let me know what you think. You can purchase them at Incoco

2 thumbs up from me & a huge thank you to Incoco for sending these to me & letting me try them. I was skeptical at first but now am in love so thanks so much!!

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These products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. I am not being compensated in anyway, shape, or form. The reviews on here are my honest opinions, based on my experience/knowledge with each product mentioned.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama's Nail Polish

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican this is a genius idea! The colors are amazing. Who doesn't want Red, White & Blue polish?! If nothing else it may become a collectible.

You can order just about anything at the Obama campaign's online store. According to campaign disclosure reports, the store stocks more than $750,000 worth of tube socks, baseball jerseys, Bo car magnets, "hope" lapel pins, hoodies and martini glasses. And the list goes on. Most intriguingly, Obama-Biden 2012 purchased nearly $10,000 worth of nail polish designed by Richard Blanch of Le Métier De Beauté for resale. The three-bottle set, adorned with the Obama campaign logo, comes with a "collectable make-up bag" and sells for $40. The polish is part of the campaign's Runway to Win product line aimed at a more upscale and, of course, politically supportive clientele.

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*thanks to for providing information & picture.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glam Polish: Glam Polish 1000 Follower Giveaway - OMG What A Gi...

Glam Polish: Glam Polish 1000 Follower Giveaway - OMG What A Gi...: OMG I am so excited to make it to 1000 followers that I wanted to do an extra special giveaway this month with some HTF polishes I know you ...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monkey Around Mani

I came across a blog having a nail art contest. For the contest you had to do a nail design using only the nail brush from the polish & dotting tools. I didn't think that would be that difficult but the challenge would be coming up with a cute design that I loved. So I was watching one of my favorite lil beauty Gurus on YouTube. Her name is Madison, she is only 6yrs old & is so adorable. It is amazing how much she knows about makeup, makeup brushes, brands & especially nail polish. I just love watching her videos.

The other day while watching Madison's Target haul video, she got a monkey money bank & was also wearing a monkey shirt. That's when it came to me to do the Monkey Mani. So thanks Maddy!
Please check her out on YouTube at Maddy's Place Please let her know Leslie sent you & says Hi. Thx

I wanted to show you this amazing color from Island Girl. Even though it's really sheer & you need many coats, it's totally worth it! Love the color.

It's such a bright color it's almost like it glows in the dark but it doesn't.

Here's my adorable Monkey. I think he turned out pretty good for a rookie artist. ;0) I love his little hands holding the banana.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!

Congrats to my very first winner of my very first giveaway! I'm so excited to announce that Sarah B. has won all of the items in the picture & whatever else I decide to add to her package. Thanks to everybody who entered. I really appreciate it. A BIG thank you to Patricia at Nail Junkies for helping put on my first giveaway. She is an angel. Again Congrats to SARAH B!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sarah B please email me at with your address so I can mail out your goodies. Thx for entering.

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