Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monkey Around Mani

I came across a blog having a nail art contest. For the contest you had to do a nail design using only the nail brush from the polish & dotting tools. I didn't think that would be that difficult but the challenge would be coming up with a cute design that I loved. So I was watching one of my favorite lil beauty Gurus on YouTube. Her name is Madison, she is only 6yrs old & is so adorable. It is amazing how much she knows about makeup, makeup brushes, brands & especially nail polish. I just love watching her videos.

The other day while watching Madison's Target haul video, she got a monkey money bank & was also wearing a monkey shirt. That's when it came to me to do the Monkey Mani. So thanks Maddy!
Please check her out on YouTube at Maddy's Place Please let her know Leslie sent you & says Hi. Thx

I wanted to show you this amazing color from Island Girl. Even though it's really sheer & you need many coats, it's totally worth it! Love the color.

It's such a bright color it's almost like it glows in the dark but it doesn't.

Here's my adorable Monkey. I think he turned out pretty good for a rookie artist. ;0) I love his little hands holding the banana.

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Sincerely From the Heart,


  1. amazing colour.. i dont have any neon colours really !!

    and about the commenting stuff.. yeah its true.. i mean of course it's nice to have followers.. if they LIKE your blog, I wouldn't want thousand of followers that i have pushes to follow me :) .. xx

  2. Very cute! I love the neon green.