Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Quick Dry Nail Pen

I decided to purchase these only because they were only $1.50 @Big Lots a while back. I remember something similar to these about, well let's just say years & years ago when I was a young lad. Hehe. A friend & I road our bikes to the store & saw these pens that had nail polish in them. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. When you shook them back then they sounded like you were shaking spray paint. I think maybe they were made by Wet N Wild back then & there wasn't a button to push to get the polish to come out onto the tip. In order to paint your nails you just put the tip on your nails, pushed, the tip went up into the tube & came out with polish on it & you painted your nails. The first one I owned was a fuchsia color & seems to be similar consistency & texture as it is now.

As far as these SH Brand pens they are worth a $1.50 but I'm not sure they are worth much more. They retail around $8.00 in the drugstore. I definitely wouldn't pay that much for them even though they work pretty well. I'm not sure how many manicures you can get out of each pen. I put 2 coats on& it seemed to used quite a bit of product. I purchased Chrome Silver, Teal & Purple. They are pretty colors & go on smooth. In my opinion the brush is to wide & thick especially once it is filled with polish. You need to be very careful not to get it all over the side of you fingers & on your cuticles. You may have tons of clean-up if not careful. If you like the colors & can find them at a great price, I would say grab a few just to test them out for yourself. Pictures below is of the Sally Hansen Chrome Teal.

If you purchase any of these Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens, I would love to know what you think of them. What colors did you buy? Did you get a good deal? How was the application & what do you think of the brush on them?
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  1. I just did a major haul of them and LOOOVE them...brush is awkward...but love the quick dry time. I have the Chrome series and they are great for designs.