Friday, January 6, 2012

January Julep Maven Boxes

I received my Julep Maven boxes for January. I am an "It Girl" & a "Classic with a Twist" This is my 3rd & 4th box that I have received. The 1st one was in November & I tried the polish immediately when receiving that box. I was a little disappointed by the quality of the polish but shook it off thinking maybe it was just a bad bottle of polish. Next box received the topcoat & I am in love with it but didn't try the polish. This time I received 2 boxes & I tried 2 different colors 1 out of each box. I love the colors but still not to fond of the quality especially for the price. It's not the worst polish ever but certainly not the best!

If you receive 3 bottles of polish in your Maven box you are essentially paying $6.66 for a 1/2 a bottle of polish. That's right 1/2 a bottle. Normally a bottle of nail polish is .5 fl oz. A Julep bottle of polish is .27fl oz. It just a nail over a 1/2 of a bottle of most polishes. It is only .1fl oz over the Essie Mini. If you are not in the Maven Club you would pay $28.00 of Julep nail polish in order to get the amount of nail polish from almost any other brand. ($22.40 if you are a Maven). I think most of us won't notice this because of the shape of the bottles. The packaging is genius for Julep's bottom line. If the quality was there, if the polish went on smoothly & had unique colors that you couldn't get any where else, some might pay that amount but that is not the case.

I didn't receive my January upgrade of my extra bottle of polish in my "It Girl" box

Hayden-love this nice bright color.

For the month of January they had a complimentary upgrade to receive another bottle of polish. I chose a deep red color called Gayle but they were out of stock so they sent me a bottle of Nail therapy instead w/a coupon for a free bottle of nail color of my choice. Which was very nice.

Taylor- I Love this color! Looks like just a regular blue in picture but in person it's kind of a blueish/periwinkle purple color. Very cool.

So I think after I order my free polish I will discontinue my subscription of the Julep Maven program. It kinda bums me out cuz who doesn't love nail mail.

**This is my opinion & based on my own research. Please feel free to purchase from Julep to create your own opinion & come to your own conclusion.**

Sincerely From the Heart,

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