Sunday, February 19, 2012

Milani HD Holographic nail lacquer

I ordered 3 of these Milani nail lacquers online. The one I'm wearing today is
Hi-Tech is a yellow-green holo. I love this color it’s so perfect for spring! Before I show you the manicure I wanted to show you how it was shipped to me. Remember I only ordered 3 nail polishes! They came in this HUGE BOX!

It was filled with a giant plastic bubble.

In the gotten were the 3 bottles of polish! I haven't touched them. These are exactly how they came. They were not wrapped in anything. They were just thrown in the bottom of this huge box to roll around in shipping.

Thank goodness none of them were cracked! Surprisingly.

I love them all but decided to try Hi-tech first.

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  1. Goodness, what a strange to ship such a small order. I would think that would have cost them more too.

    Anyway the Hi-tech looks gorgeous! Glad they arrived safely.

  2. Well that was sucky of them, I hate when they do that. Ugh. Glad the polishes were okay. I mean seriously, what was that bubble going to do?

  3. It's funny to see 3 nail polishes in a huge box but this ensured they arrived in perfect condition. Hey you nails kind of look like mine :)
    Nice swatches, following you now ;)