Monday, December 31, 2012

Zoya Blaze

Dear all readers, I finally found it! I've found the queen of all nail colors. I recently went on the Zoya website and noticed they were giving away the bottle of 18k Real Gold Flakes away for FREE! I was thinking... Wow I love free stuff. All I had to do was purchase 3 other bottles of Zoya nail polish & I would get this $35 bottle of Gold Flakies for free! What a deal. So I had to rush thru & figure out what colors I wanted before the deal ran out. So not knowing what I was looking for or having nothing in my wish list, I was beginning to panic. I knew I wanted a green, so I added a green polish to my cart. Came across a purplish shiney color, clicked add then wanted a red glitter, so added Blaze to my cart then the 18k gold polish to my cart & phew I did it! Just in time. Total $24.00 with free shipping. Yippee. I totally pumped!

Received my stuff yesterday. The gold flakes is kinda cool. The green Zoya Invanka is very pretty. Good score.. Zoya charla I think it's called, bummer I think I already own it but I must have liked it to ordered it twice. THEN I took out this gorgeous glitter red with other colored fine glitter in it. A glow comes around it & I'm sure I heard "lala" singing when I was looking at it! It is the most gorgeous color ever!! This IS A DEFINITE MUST HAVE in anybody collection. I hope my pics do it at least 1/2 the justice it deserves! It goes on amazing, it's smooth & makes the nails look amazing! So I guess it's just AMAZING! Look for yourself. Enjoy!

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