Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cherry Floral Mani

I hadn't worn my favorite polish, AEngland Tristam, for a while so I decided to dust it off & paint my nails. I love this brand & color so much. The consistency is just so amazing. I wish all polish was made like AEngland. It goes on beautifully & always looks amazing even with just one coat.

I wore it for a day & was just playing around with the acrylic paint. I started painting cherries on my nails. I thought it looked ok so I kept going. Then painted the little white flowers on them. I thought they turned out pretty good so was going to take a picture & post to Instagram. After I took the picture I realized the white flowers kind of looked like cooked eggs sunny side up. ;0) hehe. So I decided to add the black dots to the inner center of the flower.
I liked how they turned out with the red & white up against the gorgeous background of the shiny Tristam.

I decided to enter them into my very first nail art contest on Instagram.

If you think I did an ok job I would appreciate it if you would go to Instagram, search #dontbenudynails & like my entry.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love your input & opinions.

Sincerely From the Heart,

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